Public Health Education on AMPICLOX®

Written by Great Emefeke (Pharm.D.)

Use antibiotics rightly

AMPICLOX® is an antibiotic preparation containing two drugs: ampicillin and cloxacillin (thus the name Ampiclox®, gotten from AMPI + CLOX). It is used in the treatment of a wide range of bacterial infections.

Infections occur when germs invade our body from contaminated air, food, unclean toilets, sexual practices, or other forms of exposure.

Although Ampiclox® can treat many infections, it is important to remember that it is not a “one-drug-cures-all” kind of medicine. It is also important to remember that different people react to drugs differently because our genetic profiles are different.

So, what are some infections Ampiclox® is useful for?
1. Respiratory tract infections.
2. Ear, Nose, and Throat infections.
3. Urinary tract infections.
4. Gastrointestinal infections.
5. Skin and soft tissue infections.
6. Pelvic infections.
7. Septicemia.
8. Endocarditis.
9. Bone infections.
For each disease state listed above, there is a rational and standard approach to treating with Ampiclox®.


Ampiclox® is not useful for:

1. Preventing sexually transmitted infections.

2. Preventing pregnancy before or after sex.

3. Post exposure prophylaxis for sexually transmitted infections.

4. “Washing” the body system.
6. Routine use [as a measure to stay healthy or germ-free].

1. When taken for the wrong purpose.

2. When less than necessary or more than necessary is taken.

3. Stopping the medication as soon as one feels better.

4. Taking it at the wrong time and for a wrong purpose e.g. immediately before and immediately after sex.

5. Not adhering to the prescribed dosage frequency/interval.

6. Forgetting to take the drug whilst on prescription.

7. Accepting the drug from a friend.


Misuse of Ampiclox® can lead to the following consequences:
1. Antibiotic resistance: With every occurrence of Ampiclox® abuse, there is an increased risk of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance occurs when the harmful bacteria in your body becomes more difficult to eliminate when treatment is actually needed and implemented. Antibiotic resistance to Ampiclox® can also occur in a breastfeeding infant if the nursing mother is guilty of Ampiclox® misuse. Antibiotic resistance has become a global health crisis as there are now Superbugs (microorganisms that are resistant to all antibiotics) and if we do not act wisely by using Ampiclox® and other antibiotics rationally, we will soon enter a post antibiotic era (a period when antibiotics are no longer effective in treating infections because of resistance)

2. Higher chances of side effects occurring.

3. Damage to the body’s normal flora (healthy bacteria that aids the body’s normal functions).

4. Economic loss.

5. Unnecessary burden on the kidney.

1. Only use Ampiclox® after getting a prescription from a doctor or pharmacist.

2. Do not use Ampiclox® if your health worker says you do not need them. That is, do not demand Ampiclox® from your doctor or pharmacist.

3. Do not share your leftover Ampiclox®.

4. Practice safe sex, with proper contraceptive measures.

5. Do not self-diagnose.

The importance of antibiotics in healthcare cannot be over emphasized. It is the responsibility of every one to promote the rational use of antibiotics in combating antibiotic resistance. Make the decision today!

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About the Author

Great Emefeke (Pharm.D.) is a Doctor of pharmacy graduate from Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus. He is currently an Intern Pharmacist with Safari Pharmacy, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. Driven by his firm values in quality education, excellent pharmaceutical care, innovative research, and global impact; he aspires to contribute greatly to the health and educational systems through published articles, active teaching, hands-on pharmaceutical care, public health campaigns, etc.



9 thoughts on “Public Health Education on AMPICLOX®

  1. Pharm.Festus Osamuyi

    Nice article Pharm..
    I have a little concern about the article, if you are telling about irrational use of Ampiclox or the misuse of the said antibiotic, you have talked about the abuse and the misuse of the drug, I was expecting you to talk about the rational use of the drug..
    Secondly you mentioned about nine disease condition Ampiclox can be used? I want you to state the dosage and duration of use of the Ampiclox in those condition. I hope you are informed that the dosage of Ampiclox varies depending on what you are managing.Thanks


  2. He talked about the rational use of Ampiclox under the heading “What To Do About The Misuse/Abuse.”

    As regards the dosage sir, that is not the goal of this article. However, the author said “for each disease state, there is a rational and standard treatment with Ampiclox”

    When writing an article, the author tries as much as possible to stick to the goal/aim and I think he did just that.


  3. Mohammed El Kadaoui

    Great Emefeke was my comrade in the same promotion , we have done many project together and I can surely say that he is a humble scientist, our last project was steam sells regeneration and it was a great honor to work side by side with him..
    Wish to hear more about him in the soon future,
    cordially Dr Mohammed Simo El kadaoui

    Liked by 1 person

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