7 Remedies To Deal With Bad Breath While Travelling

Written by Sanjay Kumar


How to deal with bad breath while travelling.

Bad breath is never a good thing to have. And when you are on the flight, surrounded by lots of people, you hardly ever want to eat food, let alone allow the breath to stink. But then, travelling is something you just can’t avoid; what you can fight off is bad breath or halitosis. Travelling can make this condition even worse due to changes in the body caused by air pressure. Also, lack of oral hygiene coupled with snacking on things deemed not well could cause bad breath. The good thing is, you can stop this problem from surfacing and make your travel smooth and unembarrassing.

Here are some remedies to help deal with bad breath while travelling:

1. Travel with your toothbrush and toothpaste.

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Travelling does not mean you should stop caring for your oral health. Rather, you should travel with your toothbrush and toothpaste to be on time with your daily oral care routine. Don’t think that the crew will provide you with paste and toothbrush though some do that. If possible, you can carry small-sized toothbrush and toothpaste for convenience. When you have the oral care kit, it becomes easy to clean or brush the teeth and prevent bacterial attack which is a major reason behind bad breath.

2. Rinse your mouth frequently.
Sometimes you may not be able to brush while travelling. But that does not mean you can go on eating anything and everything. This will certainly increase the risk of bad breath. If brushing is not possible, you should try rinsing the mouth frequently using a fluoride or alcohol-based mouthwash. Mouthwashes are easy to carry, and they are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial in nature. As a result, no matter what you eat on the flight, nothing will stick on the teeth or in the mouth when you rinse properly. Make it a point to rinse before sleeping if the flight is on a long haul.

3. Floss.
Flossing is very helpful in fighting off bad breath. Even if you brush daily, make it a point to floss between the teeth and scrub away food particles, bacteria, and plaque stuck between your teeth. If you don’t floss, the crevices between your teeth will continue to have smell-causing bacteria and plaque. Brushing alone is not enough as toothbrush bristles are often thick, and they can’t reach between the teeth. Strings can do reach and take out anything hidden there to make your breath fresh and rejuvenating. So, make it a point to floss while travelling to avoid bad breath.

4. Clean your tongue.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Cleaning the tongue daily is key to a better oral health whether you travel or not. As regards oral health, the tongue is where most bacteria reside and if not cleaned properly, they can enter the bloodstream and reach different parts of the body. Also, these bacteria can cause acid formation if allowed to stay inside the mouth for long. You can use either a tongue scraper or your toothbrush to scrub-clean the tongue and avoid the embarrassment of bad breath. When the tongue is clean, chances of bad breath come down drastically.

5. Use anti-bacteria oral spray and mouthwash.
Oral sprays are very effective against bad breath. In fact, they exist to cater the needs of people who either travel too much, or don’t get time for oral hygiene. The misty spray is full of ingredients capable of killing bacteria in the mouth and ensuring a refreshing breath. They are pocket-sized and easy to carry, and you can spray as and when it feels the breath is turning stinking. Similarly, you should carry a pocket mouthwash to not only fight off bad breath, but also minimize risks of tooth decay and gum disease. You can carry antiseptic mouthwash and keep away flight halitosis in the best way possible.

6. Sugar-Free Chewing Gum.
Chewing sugar-free gum is a great way to keep in check bad breath during travel. You can get a gum containing xylitol which is known to lower the spread of bacteria and boost saliva production in the mouth. And since the gum will be sugarless, you can feel no worry about any risk of tooth decay or enamel erosion due to excessive use of sugar. The good thing about chewing a quality gum is that more saliva is produced in the mouth and you’re better off in washing away plaque, bacteria, and food particles responsible for causing bad breath.

7. Stay hydrated.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to fight off bad breath while travelling. Even if you’re not allowed to carry beyond a bottle of water, this should not be an excuse to not drink it in plenty. You can check with your dentist, or if you are in India, best dentist in Hyderabad, how water can wash away bacteria causing bad breath, to let you have a refreshing breath during the travel.


So there you have it. Seven simple tips to deal with bad breath while travelling. Apply these simple remedies in fighting off travel halitosis to have a refreshing breath and full of confidence during your travel.

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